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'Let's Look At Football' With Hugh Buggy

Author: Michael Riley (Edited by Ken Mansell) - Published At: 2013-10-02 11:56 - (5393 Reads)
The magazine 'Let's Look At Football' (With Hugh Buggy) was published by The Argus in September 1952, selling for two shillings and sixpence. Written by Hugh Buggy, The Argus chief football writer, the magazine consisted of a series of articles, covering the entire history of the Victorian Football League, that had previously appeared in The Argus. Hugh Buggy is a member of the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

ANFC Football Carnival - Hobart 1947

Author: Michael Riley (being edited by Ken Mansell) - Published At: 2013-09-02 14:00 - (11077 Reads)
The 1947 Victory Carnival was held in Hobart and was the first Carnival conducted by the Australian National Football Council since the end of World War Two. It was also the first Carnival since 1933 where the 'B' Division teams had a chance to play. Poor weather caused disappointing attendances, and a muddy playing surface. It was no surprise that the Victorian Football League team was victorious, but the VFL did lose twice - once to Western Australia, and once (after the conclusion of the Carnival) to a combined South Australia/Western Australia team.

The Longest Kick in Football History....or not

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-09-01 14:44 - (21083 Reads)
One of the most rubbery statistics in Australian Rules football is the ‘Longest Kick’. An investigation of a set of records, referred to in this article as the 3AW records, shows that many the records listed are not as clear cut as they first appear.

This article examines a few of these records and uncovers some interesting stories behind them.

A Record Streak: Geelong's 26 games without a loss

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-08-26 08:27 - (5124 Reads)
Between Round 9 1952 and Round 13 1953, Geelong had a famous run of 26 games without a loss. This passed the previous record of 21 games by Collingwood's 1928/29 side and is still today a VFL/AFL record. This period in Geelong's history has been widely written about. This article attempts to describe the streak, demonstrate that it was more than a random fluke never to be repeated and finally fits the streak into a wider context within Australian football outside the VFL/AFL.

Aerial Photos of Football Grounds

Author: Michael Riley (Edited by Ken Mansell) - Published At: 2013-06-18 17:29 - (14536 Reads)
Oblique Aerial Photography may sound obscure, but you try taking a 1920's aeroplane up in the sky - and take photos of football grounds.

The Airspy Collection of Aerial Photos at the State Library of Victoria is a surprising resource for football photos from the 1920's and 1930's.

Boyles Wartime Photos

Author: Michael Riley (Edited by Ken Mansell) - Published At: 2013-06-13 11:42 - (5967 Reads)
Charles Edward Boyles started out on his long photographic career during the First World War. Later, during the Second World War, he took many photos of Australian soldiers and visiting U.S. Marines.

As with his football photos, the wartime photos are commercial images to be sold to the people in the photographs.

The photos are sharp and high quality. Unfortunately, however, they are not named.

The Photos of Leo Maynes (Brunswick, Fitzroy and Essendon)

Author: Michael Riley and Daniel Maynes - Published At: 2013-05-07 09:08 - (7978 Reads)
This article contains interesting photos from the collection of Leo Maynes. Maynes played with Brunswick (VFA) 1931-34, Fitzroy 1935-37, Essendon 1938-41, and in the wartime inter-services competition in 1942. The collection includes team photos, and photos and memorabilia from two football club end-of-season trips.

Footballers and the Tradition of Professional Foot-running

Author: Michael Riley (Edited by Ken Mansell) - Published At: 2013-05-03 13:03 - (10115 Reads)
Before real money could be made playing football, players with a turn of speed could supplement their income through professional foot-running, especially in the summer months.

From World Professional Sprint Champion Austin Robertson, to the depth of footballer talent at the Stawell Gift, and to the grudge sprint at the 1950 ANFC Football Carnival, this article looks at some of the key names and moments in the history of sprinting footballers.

The footy swap cards that were never swapped

Author: Ken Mansell - Published At: 2013-04-07 17:22 - (9884 Reads)
Football has always been more than what happened on the field. Ken's story about memories from 1950's Camberwell shows just how much life has changed. Today with TV, magazines and the Internet, we are bombarded with images and choices, but the 1950's were a different time, and the value of Footy cards was much more than the dollars. They were a direct connection into another world.

Mystery Thriller - Cracking a Tough Nut on the Road to Kew

Author: Ken Mansell - Published At: 2013-03-23 12:19 - (5933 Reads)
You may have stared at an old photo and thought there must be a story behind the anonymous faces looking back at you. Ken has written about how we discovered the story behind one of the most mysterious Boyles football team photos in the State Library of Victoria Collection.

Disclosing the layers of meaning in one particularly curious photo, the article provides an insight into the twists and turns of how football team photos are identified.

Ron Todd 188 Goals in a Season (+82 in other games)

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-03-16 14:56 - (8005 Reads)
In 1945, Ron Todd kicked a record 188 goals in a season. This was a remarkable achievement in skill, accuracy, endurance and luck. This article attempts to put this record into a wider context.

The Story of Night Football in Victoria - Part Three - The Brisbane Connection

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-03-08 13:31 - (4702 Reads)
In this third article on the history of football under lights in Victoria, we move to the 1940's and early 1950's. Early trials had proved the concept and 1950 would see the first ANFC Carnival to include night games followed by the first night game as part of the VFL regular season.

The Story of Night Football in Victoria - Part Two - 1935 at Olympic Park

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-02-27 00:00 - (5782 Reads)
In this second article on the history of football under lights in Victoria, we focus on a practice match in 1935 between Richmond and South Melbourne at Olympic Park. After the first exhibition games in 1879, this was the next known match under lights in Victoria. The problem was now not technology, but the will and desire to play football at night and when to play it.

Football links in the Australian Dictionary of Biography

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-02-19 04:47 - (6209 Reads)
The Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB) attempts to provide biographies of prominent Australians who have contributed to Australia.

This article provides a brief overview of who the Australian Dictionary of Biography regard as the most important footballers, as well as identifying a substantial number of other prominent Australians with links to Australian Rules Football.

1940 Patriotic Cup - St. Kilda's First Premiership

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-02-11 16:31 - (4841 Reads)
In 1940, in the week set aside for the cancelled interstate football carnival, (which was to be held in Tasmania), the VFL ran a 12-team, one-day lightning carnival. St Kilda received a good draw, but still had to defeat 1940 Grand Finalists Richmond to win their first ever VFL Premiership, 26 years before the more famous occasion in 1966.

Advertising from the VFL Football Record 1949-51

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-01-29 03:54 - (8801 Reads)
The advertisements in the Football Record provide an insight into the period. Unlike the 1930's where there was advertising for dance halls, the early 1950s advertising includes many of the new consumer products of the time such as portable radios, washing machines, radio shows and due to the high employment levels, even employment advertisements.

Attitudes have changed and a number of examples would not be used today. Cigarette advertisements also stand out as unusual as they are banned in modern advertising.

Football Humour

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-01-28 23:01 - (3867 Reads)
While researching information for this website I often come across odd football stories. The stories vary from funny, to odd, to 'what the..?' moments.

I have seen many variations on a theme. There are many stories of stolen goal posts or of kicking a ball into a moving train. I have tried to include a list that is not repetative.

1933 - Round 5 St Kilda v North Melbourne - 15 men defeat 18

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-01-14 03:30 - (6549 Reads)
St Kilda scored the most meritorious victory by any league side for some years. It was not so much the brilliance of the football, but rather the dogged determination and real Aussie fighting spirit that enabled them to see it out and win a glorious victory with only 15 men.- Football Record - Round 6 (June 5) 1933 p12

ANFC Football Carnival - Sydney 1933

Author: Michael Riley - Published At: 2013-01-13 14:09 - (8208 Reads)
ANFC Interstate Football Carnivals had been held since 1908. These events were widely reported and provided many rare opportunities. Players had a chance to travel, The game of football was promoted and celebrated, scouts were able to measure players in other competitions and important rivalries could be revisited.

The 1933 Carnival was won by Victoria.

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