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Brunswick (VFA) Home Ground -1907


Brunswick at that time played, on what as known as the old Brunswick ground, site where the Ransford, McAllster, and Ryder ovals stand at Royal Park. In 1899 a reconstruction of the club took place. The receipts reached £136/19/5 and expenses were 8/7 less than that. It was in that year a rope was put round to mark the arena fence. - Sporting Globe 19392

In 1894, the Brunswick Council met with the Royal Park trustees to discuss the ‘recreation reserve in Park Street’, presumably the portion of Royal Park to the north of the railway line. The trustees agreed to enclose the ground with a fence, and would plant some trees around it. In turn, the council was to construct ‘three rooms’ and appoint a caretaker for the ground. Peter Lovell (Heritage) - Part 3 - Department of Transport, Planning p60 3

There has been a great revival of local interest in the Brunswick Football Club this season; the team, having thrown more life into its matches in the V.F.A. competition, has scored several meritorious successes. The lack of adequate improvements to the Brunswick recreation reserve, which is the club's playing ground, has, however, given rise to numerous complaints by visiting clubs, members of which state that the ground is too rough to be played on with safety. The Brunswick club has requested the council lo give it complete control of the takings of the gate, in order to .enable it to improve the arena and dressing rooms. The matter was brought before the council at its last meeting by Cr. Allard, who moved that a standing resolution, that the council shall control the ground revenue be rescinded, and that the club he empowered to collect admission fees for all association football matches played on the ground. Mr. Dean, a delegate from the V.F.A., attended with others as a deputation, and urged the council to do something to the ground, which in its present state was dangerous to play on. After discussion, Cr. Allard's motion was carried. The Age 19004

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Brunswick 1900 - A Fair and Honest Game - Laurie Cunningham
Brunswick 1900 - A Fair and Honest Game - Laurie Cunningham

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No Photos - Ground no longer exists


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