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Charles Boyles was a commercial photographer. He is best known for selling his photos directly to the players and the public. A number of Boyles photos do appear in commercial publications. In the instances we are certain that Boyles photos have been published, there is often a lack of attribution, thus it can be difficult to tell if a photo in a publication is actually a Boyles photo.

Commerical work listed here includes many items where Charles Boyles has contributed. A significant collection of work by other producers has also been included. This has been done to include extra photos to assist in player identification and to build a representative collection of work from the period.

Commercial Work 1890's

Commercial Work 1900's

Commercial Work 1910's

Commercial Work 1920's

Commercial Work 1930's

Commercial Work 1940's

Commercial Work 1950's

Commercial Work 1960's

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VFL On Film 1909-1945 - Marking Time V1

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The Boyles website does not attempt to provide a comprehensive list of Football card sets. Our interest is in the photographers and in player identification.

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The Australian Rules Football Cards Website provides significant information that is not provided here; such as:
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