Fitzroy Senior Team 1935 (Daniel Maynes)

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Fitzroy Senior Team 1935 - Source: Daniel Maynes
Fitzroy Senior Team 1935 - Source: Daniel Maynes

Team: Fitzroy (VFL)
Location:Brunswick Street Oval (Fitzroy)
Date: 1935

Back Row: Unknown,probably Jim Toohey b1915, Unknown, Leo Maynes, Unknown,Unknown, Dinny Ryan, Unknown,possibly Alan Fitcher
Middle Row: Maurie Hearn, Haydn Bunton Snr, Wilfred Smallhorn, Frank Curcio, Tommy Williams, Horrie Dawson, Unknown
Front Row: Unknown,Unknown, Wally Gray


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Photo is captioned 1935
The players wear black shorts indicating a home game

Three prominent and easily recognised players are missing from the team. They are Charles Cameron, Doug Nicholls and Frank Seymour. There was only one 1935 home game where these three players were not in the team. This must be that match.

The match must be
Round: 14, 1935 Fitzroy v Footscray at Brunswick St, Sat, 27-Jul-1935
Fitzroy 14.16.100
Footscray 13.15.93

Other players from the game are:
Alf Callick
Mickey Sharp
Richie Saunders
Don Quartermain
Wally O'Brien
Alf Neeson
Brian Goodhart
Ian Fleming

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NSM 1986.1170.1205

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