Garbutt, Joe (SLV 122_186)

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Joe Garbutt - Source: State Library of Victoria Pictures Collection
Joe Garbutt - Source: State Library of Victoria Pictures Collection

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/186

Team: Port Melbourne (VFA)
Location: Port Melbourne Oval (Port Melbourne)
Date: early 1930's

People: Joe Garbutt


Port Melbourne’s long-kicking full-back Joe Garbutt photographed at Port Oval in the early thirties.

Garbutt played 181 games for Port from 1922-38. He transferred to St.Kilda in 1935 (aged 31) and played there for a brief period (seven games).

The two photos are nearly identical. In one, Garbutt has hands on hips, in the other he has crossed arms. Both shots would have been taken within minutes of one another at the same training night. The two background scenes are almost identical.

For a most interesting pen portrait of Garbutt, see Terry Keenan, A Taste of Port, Albert Park, Eucalyptus Press, 1999, pp. 71-78.

Compare the above photo with the Boyles photo of Ted Hyde 122_185 - Ted Hyde circa early thirties.

Further Work Needed

Two photos taken at the same photo session. One with shirt buttoned and one with shirt open.

See 1932 Godfrey Phillips Card Series. This photo has been used as the basis for the image on Garbutt's card.
Joe Garbutt
Joe Garbutt

Compare face on card to this photo

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

122_135 - Joe Garbutt
122_186 - Joe Garbutt - This image

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