North Melbourne Senior Team 1945 R07 (VP)

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North Melbourne Senior Team 1945 R07 - Photographer Charles Boyles - Source: Veronica Poynton
North Melbourne Senior Team 1945 R07 - Photographer Charles Boyles - Source: Veronica Poynton

Team: North Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Punt Road Oval, East Melbourne
Date: 1945


Back Row: Alan Crawford, Herb Wood, Eddie Morcom, Jack Crane, Arthur 'Sid' Slater, Alf Crump, Ted Jarrard, Les Foote
Middle Row: Tom Roulent, Cam Bogie, Bill Findlay, Dally O'Brien, Fred Fairweather, Jack Doherty
Front Row: Dick Abikhair, Don Condon, Syd Dyer, Jim Malone, Keith McKenzie

Thanks to Jim Malone, Bill Liddy and Kevin Dynon for the identifications


19 players, White Shorts (Away game)

"It has a purple stamp on the top left hand corner and dated on the right hand corner as 1946 ( on the back) and 'Boyles photographer, 3 inverness st, East Brunswick)." - Veronica Poynton

Backs: Ablkhalr. Crane, Roulent.
Half-backs: Bogie or Doherty, Harrison, O'Brien.
Centres: Malone, Foote, McKenzie.
Half-forwards: Morcom, Crump, Condon.
Forwards: Jarrard, Slater, Findlay.
Followers: Fairweather, Crawford. Rover: Dyer.
Emergencies: Délller, Turner, Wood.
In: Harrison. Out: Doherty or Bogie.

Note AFL Tables identifies that Bogie and Doherty both played and that Harrison was out.
Wood was the emergeny rather than Turner or Deller

Round 7
Punt Rd
Sat, 2-Jun-1945 2:30 PM

Melbourne4.2 (26)4.4 (28)7.9 (51)10.12 (72)
North Melbourne2.3 (15)9.4 (58)13.8 (86)18.11 (119)

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