North Melbourne Senior Team 1949 v2 (SLV 122_174)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/174

Team: Arden Street, North Melbourne
Location: Arden Street (North Melbourne)
Date: 1949

Top row - Jock McCorkell (1940-42, 1946-53), Jock Spencer (1948-57), John Reeves (1948-55), Ted Larsen (1946, 48-49, 1952-54), Jock Lineen (1947, 1949-54), Ted Jarrard (1944-53), Laurie Shipp (1949-51), Alan Crawford (1936-45, 48-49).
Middle row - Leo Francis (1945-51), Gerald Marchesi (1947-54), Stan Radloff (1946-50), Les Foote (captain, 1941-51), Wally Carter (coach), Kevin Dynon (1943-54), Tim Robb (1949-51), Eric Parkes (1949-55), Pat Kelly (1945, 48-55).
Front row - Keith McKenzie (1944-51), Don Condon (1944-51), Les Reeves (1946-53), Reg Ryan (1939-40, 1946-50).


Very definitely North Melbourne’s (VFL) 1949 Senior Team photographed at Arden Street in front of the players’ race. Grandstand packed. North Melbourne finished third in 1949. They played in the second semi-final and then the preliminary final, losing both. They had finished on top of the VFL ladder after the first round of home and away games.

Somewhat blurred. Players appear to be wearing black armbands.

Emulsion damage obscures McCorkell in one of the versions of this image.

Further Work Needed

Round: 16 06-Aug-1949 vs Melbourne
North won by 6 points North Melbourne 9 10 (64) to Melbourne 8 10 (58)

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

122_175 - North Melbourne Senior Team 1949 v1
122_174 - North Melbourne Senior Team 1949 v2 - This image

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