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Agar Wynne was a Ballarat Solicitor. Wynne was involved with many sports (racing and coursing) including football. Newspaper articles indicate that Mr Wynne lived on a property which appears to be near the corner of Gillies and Sturt Street in Ballarat. It is unclear, but evidence points to the fact that there was a house and large grounds on that location. There are a number of advertisements in the 1870s to sell the land hinting as to why it was no longer used.

The land is now residential housing.

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Niven's Mining Map Of Ballaarat 1870. SLV Wynnes Paddock
Niven's Mining Map Of Ballaarat 1870. SLV Wynnes Paddock

Australasian 19 May 1934 P9 Death Agar Wynne
Australasian 19 May 1934 P9 Death Agar Wynne

Ballarat Courier 20 Mar 1876 P3 Sale Of Wynne's Property
Ballarat Courier 20 Mar 1876 P3 Sale Of Wynne's Property

Modern Images

No Photos - Ground no longer exists

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Having arrived at half-past 10, and the cabs for the ground (Wynne's Paddock), some two miles from the city, not starting from the "monument" till 2 o'clock, the youths of Geelong strolled about to see what could be seen,
Geelong Advertiser 6-Jul-1874 p2

There will be a football match to day between a team chosen from the Ballarat Rangers, and one from the Melbourne corps, in Wynne’s paddock, at the head of Sturt street.
The Ballarat Star 25-May-1872 p2

''The football match, Melbourne v. Ballarat, is to be played in Wynne's paddock, near Lake Wendouree, to-morrow (Wednesday)
Advocate Melbourne, 27-May-1876 p13
With reference to the petition from ratepayers of Alfredton, the engineer had been instructed to clear the drain passing through Wynne’s paddock into Lake Wendouree, and to report as to the desirability of taking the drainage down Carlton street instead of through Mr Wynne’s property.—Adopted.''
The Ballarat Star 12-Aug-1873 p4

''The match between the Albert and Albion Clubs will be played (weather permitting)
in the Park opposite Wynne’s paddock, instead of on .the reserve at the orphan asylum. ''
The Ballarat Star 11-Jul-1874 p2

Sir, —This morning, at 7.15,1 found a frightful stench passing over Sturt street. I went in the direction of the Public Park, at the entrance from Sturt street opposite Mr Wynne’s gates.
The Ballarat Star 23-Aug-1872 p. 3

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