Ken Rollason

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Born: 12-Jul-1928 (AFL Tables)
Height: 193cm (AFL Tables)


Melbourne (VFL) 1949-1950 - 11 Games, 13 Goals



Argus 27-May-1950 p7 The Argus Week-End Magazine

KEN ROLLASONS inclusion as full forward of Melbourne is almost a romance. He came from Old Melburnians to the seconds, where his work as full back was sufficiently good to send him into the senior side in the absence for several matches of Shane McGrath.

When training was in full swing this year, and Melbourne were in difficulties about finding a goal-kicker, Ken asked to be given, a trial there. He was keen to play with the seniors, but, with Shane McGrath fit and well and in fine form, Ken could see no opening for himself at that end of the ground.

More from desperation than with any hope that he-almost an untried player4 as far as goal-kicking was concerned-could fill that position at all adequately, selectors placed him there in a practice match, and he kicked ten goals. In the next match he was opposed by the great McGrath for a half of the game, and battled strongly to kick' four goals against him.

He kicked five goals in the opening match against Ollie Grieve, of Carl- ton, and deserved his success. Then he followed with another five against Richmond.

Rollason, who played five senior games last year, is only 21 years. He is 6ft. 4in. and nearly 13st. His success has come from smart leading out, clean marking, and accurate kicking. When he fills out, as expected, he will be more set in his play, and should be a most valuable player.

It is somewhat unusual that Melbourne, in that game against North Melbourne, should have included no fewer than six former Melbourne Grammar School boys. In addition to Rollason they were the Cordner brothers, Doug. Heywood, Mike Woods, and Dave Bedford.

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The Age 14-Apr-1954 p11 Ken Rollason StKilda
The Age 14-Apr-1954 p11 Ken Rollason StKilda

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