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Official History of the VFL (Vietnam Football League) 1966-1971

Author: Stan Middleton - Published At: 2014-05-06 15:04 - (22657 Reads)
Stan Middleton has led the charge in recording the history of the ‘Vietnam Football League’ (in which he played), that was played at the Australian beachside base of Vung Tau 125kms from the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) from 1967-1971.

Scratch matches are always organised in the military, but the Vietnam football League was the most organised of the football competitions during the war and its story is a valuable piece of the history of football in the Armed Services and in the history of football outside Australia.

Today the Vietnam Swans (formed in 2003) play an annual ‘ANZAC friendship match’ each year on the nearest Saturday to ANZAC Day in Vung Tau on the same ground where many of the games during the war were played.

Stan has kindly allowed the publication of his, and the league’s story.

The Photos of Leo Maynes (Brunswick, Fitzroy and Essendon)

Author: Michael Riley and Daniel Maynes - Published At: 2013-05-07 09:08 - (9508 Reads)
This article contains interesting photos from the collection of Leo Maynes. Maynes played with Brunswick (VFA) 1931-34, Fitzroy 1935-37, Essendon 1938-41, and in the wartime inter-services competition in 1942. The collection includes team photos, and photos and memorabilia from two football club end-of-season trips.

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