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The Blueseum is a website dedicated to the history of the Carlton Football Club. It is an excellent site, well maintained with extensive details about the club and it's players.

The Blueseum is a community website and receives contributions a number of people. It has hundreds of photo galleries, with separate galleries for each player. It is difficult to judge the original source for most images, and the photographer of most images is not recorded.

The images listed here are sourced from the many galleries at the Blueseum and are those images most clearly Boyles photos. Images have been excluded if they are already in the Damien Green Collection, or from the State Library of Victoria Collection.

The Collection listed on this page will not be maintained against images in the Bluseseum Collection. The collection on this page was sourced in November 2012


Carlton Senior Team 1938 (BL_001) Rd4
Carlton Senior Team 1956 (BL_023)

Carlton Seconds 1952 (BL_024)
Carlton Seconds 1956 (BL_002)
Carlton Seconds 1957 (BL_003)

Carlton Thirds 1949 (BL_004)
Carlton Thirds 1952 (BL_005) - Possibly Boyles
Carlton Thirds 1955 (BL_006)

Benetti, John (BL_007)
Boyle, Alec (BL_008)
Clark, Jim (BL_009)
Cox, Berkley (BL_010)
Deacon, Bert (BL_011)
Dillon, Tom (BL_012)
Garby, Ray (BL_013)
Green, Bob (BL_014)
Heathcote, John (BL_015)
Henfry, Ern (BL_016)
Howell, Jack (BL_017)
Howell, Jack (BL_018)
Mooring, Jim (BL_019)
Robertson, Ron (BL_020)
Walsh, Tony (BL_023)
Wrout, Jack (BL_021)
Zeunert, Denis (BL_022)

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