Brighton Senior Team 1930 (SLV 122_206)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/206

Team: Brighton (VFA)
Date: 1930

Cyril ‘Dooley’ Lilburne - Middle row, fifth left
George Hunt - Middle row, sixth left
Probably Les Gallagher - Middle row, second left


The writing (by Boyles presumably) on the image is incontrovertible. This is a Brighton (VFA) senior team of 1930. Brighton’s VFA senior team finished seventh in 1930.

The player at the centre is Cyril ‘Dooley’ Lilburne, the former Richmond captain who captained Brighton 1930-31 and 1934-35. For a brief biography of Lilburne, see (H2008.122/196). George Hunt is the player immediately to the right of Cyril Lilburne. No other players are definitely recognised.

Background blacked out. Very clear photo. Three gentlemen standing at back - one of them could be Brighton coach George Sparrow (also St.Kilda coach 1928-29). For other Brighton teams in Boyles, see Photo 34 version 1 (H.2008. 122/205): 1932 team; and H.2008. 122/196: 1934 team.

A copy of an undamaged version of this image was held by George Hunt. The Hunt version is available at 1930 Brighton Senior Team and includes the original frame, though no names are inscribed.

Further Work Needed

The player seen middle row/second left resembles a photo of Les Gallagher published in the VFL Football Record, 1929, Round 7, page 11.
Les Gallagher transferred from Richmond to Brighton in 1929.
Argus 23-Mar-1930 p14
Argus 23-Mar-1930 p14

Doug Ringrose is another player mentioned as training with Brighton. A picture of Ringrose was published in the VFL Football Record, 1929, Round 2, page 13. I cannot see Ringrose in this photo. Ringrose played for Brighton 1921-22, 1925-26 + ?

Top row, third from left, is possibly R. Peterson

Middle row far right is Charlie Barnes, ex -Melbourne VFL.
Compare photo here to photo of the Melbourne team in the 1928 Weekly Times.

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

122_206 - Brighton Senior Team 1930 - This image
1930 Brighton Senior Team

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