Carlton Seconds 1936c (122_140)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/140

Team: Carlton (VFL)
Location: Princes Park, Carlton
Date: Probably 1936



A Carlton (VFL) Seconds team photographed at Princes Park, probably in 1936. The clue that this photo is almost certainly dated 1936 is the presence in the top row (second player from left) of Maurie ‘Mocha’ Johnson. Johnson played 109 games with Carlton from 1927-36, mainly as a follower and ‘ruck-roving’ type. He was club captain in 1934. As players’ representative, Johnson became embroiled in a dispute with the Carlton administration and was cleared to South Melbourne mid-way through the 1936 season. His presence in this photo of a Seconds team would suggest he was undergoing temporary ‘penance’ after having been dropped from the Senior Team.

Player fourth from left in middle row is also fourth from left in Photo 21 version 13. This photo is related to Photo 21 version 2 and Photo 47 version 3 by virtue of overlap of some players. White shorts. No spectators. Nineteen players - although one has a jumper without the CFC monogram. Four trainers and eight officials.

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Maurie Johnson (Back row of players, 2nd player from left)
Ted Pollock (Back row of players, 5th player from left)
Mick Hughson (Back row of players, 7th player from left)

Clen Denning (Front row 2nd from left)

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