Collingwood Senior Team 1934 (SLV 122_087)

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Collingwood Team 1934 Source:State Libray of Victoria Pictures Collection
Collingwood Team 1934 Source:State Libray of Victoria Pictures Collection

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/87

Team: Collingwood (VFL)
Location: Victoria Park (Collingwood)
Date: 12-May-1934


Back row: Jock McHale, Wally Tyrrell, Jack Ross, Percy Bowyer, Phonse Kyne, George Carter, Len Murphy, Jack Regan, Gordon Coventry, M. Seddon (Selector)
Middle row: Jack Knight, Jack Carmody, Marcus Whelan, Syd Coventry , Harry Collier, Jack Beveridge, Charlie Dibbs
Front row: Harold Rumney, Albert ‘Leeter’ Collier, Norm Le Brun, Fred Froude


A team of Magpie greats. This is the Collingwood (VFL) First Eighteen, almost certainly photographed 1934. The photo shows Jock McHale, Sid and Gordon Coventry, Harry and Albert Collier, and a very young Phonse Kyne. Sid Coventry finished at Collingwood in 1934 and Kyne started that year.

Taken on match day. Big crowd. Nineteen players. Black shorts.

Further Work Needed

Weekly Times 26-May-1934 Collingwood
Weekly Times 26-May-1934 Collingwood

This is a 1934 Weekly Times Team Photo

Michael Roberts, historian of the Collingwood Football Club, has informed me this photo is the mono version of the photo the Weekly Times used for its hand-tinted 'photo'of the Collingwood team that appeared that year (M.Roberts, email to myself, July 2, 2010). Player service information from R.Holmesby and J.Main, The Encyclopaedia of AFL Footballers – SLV Notes

The team photo includes Wally Tyrrell who played only one VFL match, so this must be Round 2, 12-May-1934 at Victoria Park.
Collingwood 17 12 (114)
Essendon 13 8 (86)

Essendon led by 4 points at the end of the first quarter, but Collingwood kicked 4 goals to none in the second quarter to set up a 20 point margin which they held for the rest of tha match.

Collingwood came into the game having lost their Round One match to South Melbourne by 35 points. South would beat Collingwood twice more in 1934, again in Round 12 by 48 points and again in a tight semi-final, where South scraped home by three points.

Maybe Charlie Dibbs

Maybe Marcus Wheelan

Assuming that this is Collingwood 1934, that the Black shorts indicate a home game and assuming that Andy Pannam is not in the team, there are only about 4 possible games that this could be taken at. This should help identify other players.

A readable copy of the 1934 Weekly Times Team Photo should also provide the names

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