Damien Green Collection

This is a collection of Public Domain images collected by Damien Green. Damien runs the popular Australian Rules Football Cards and many people supply photos for that site.

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Victorian Football League (VFL)


DG_011 - Carlton Senior Team 1942
DG_012 - Carlton Senior Team 1944
DG_013 - Carlton Senior Team 1945
DG_014 - Carlton Senior Team 1946
DG_015 - Carlton Senior Team 1947
DG_016 - Bailey, George
DG_017 - Baird, Jim
DG_018 - Baxter, Ken
DG_019 - Bennett, Jack
DG_020 - Boys, Ron
DG_021 - Brown, Vin
DG_022 - Clark, Jim
DG_023 - Conley, Jack
DG_005 - Deacon, Bert
DG_024 - Hands, Ken
DG_025 - Hodgson, Arthur
DG_026 - Howell Jack
DG_064 - Howell Jack - 1947 Club Social Fixtures
DG_027 - Turner, Herb
DG_028 - Warburton, Keith
DG_029 - Williams, Doug
DG_030 - Williams, Doug2
DG_031 - Wines, Clinton
DG_032 - Wren, Max


DG_034 - Collingwood Senior Team 1951
DG_033 - Mann, Neil
DG_006 - Fothergill, Des
DG_003 - Richards, Lou
DG_004 - Twomey, Bill
DG_035 - Waller, Neville


DG_036 - Essendon Senior Team 1941
DG_037 - Essendon Senior Team 1946


DG_007 - Hawthorn Senior Team 1940
DG_008 - Hawthorn Senior Team 1961
DG_038 - Arthur, Graham
DG_039 - Simmonds, Roy

North Melbourne

DG_040 - North Melbourne Senior Team 1939
DG_041 - North Melbourne Senior Team 1940
DG_042 - North Melbourne Senior Team 1950
DG_001 - North Melbourne Thirds 1946
DG_002 - North Melbourne Thirds 1946


DG_046 - Richmond Senior Team 1943
DG_009 - Richmond Senior Team 1953
DG_044 - Fraser, Don
DG_045 - Oppy, Max

South Melbourne

South Melbourne Senior Team 1940 R3 (DG_058)
DG_059 - South Melbourne Senior Team 1951-52
DG_047 - Bywater, Ron
DG_048 - Castles, Vic
DG_049 - Cleary, Jim
DG_050 - Clegg, Ron
DG_051 - Graham, Jack
DG_052 - Gunn, Bill
DG_053 - King, Bill
DG_054 - Nash, Laurie
DG_055 - Richards_Reg
DG_056 - Schaefer, Keith
DG_057 - Skilton, Bob
DG_060 - Tippett, Peter
DG_061 - SM_unknown1
DG_062 - Williams, Bill
DG_063 - Williams, Jack

WW2 Services

DG_043 - RAAF_team1943

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