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Football history in Victoria has to take the opportunity to include the rich history of country football. Country football has provided many great players to big city clubs and has enormously added to the local community. Football fund raising events, community projects, supporters coming to the game have all added vastly to country towns.

The website needed to do more to include country football and at the time I was writing about long kick records which included a kick by Echuca player Les Kew Ming, I had also been writing about Doug Nicholls who came from the area.

As an outsider I knew little of the town’s football history but as I read and researched an interesting story emerged.

Echuca it turned out was a good choice...


Overview & The Town

Drought and Population
The Railway
The Riverine Herald
Echuca Photos 1906 - 1910
Echuca Photos 1940s - 50s
Echuca Photos 2000s

1872 - 1879 - Beginnings and the First Echuca Club

The Cricket Club in the winter
The Formation of Rochester
The Black and Whites
Wednesday Half Holiday Association
Collapse of the club

1878 - 1889 - Echuca Park

The Blue and Whites
The Bendigo Rivalry
Peter Noble and James Shackell
The Cummeraganja Club

1890- 1896 - Trophy Wars

The Echuca East Club
The Northern District Football Association
Rochester Rivalry and Dispute
An end to Senior Football in Echuca

1897 - 1908 - The Rise of the Juniors - Echuca

Echuca Juniors become the next Echuca Team
Return of Senior Football

1909 - 1914 - The Goulburn Valley League 

The Athletics Association shows how its done
Bill Proudfoot and the misfits


Victoria Park Oval
The Original Grandstand and scoreboard
The Cycling Track

Friendly Societies Ground
Ordnance Factory

George Ogilvie - by Michael Riley
Les Kew Ming – the fighting footballer - By Robert Allen - at australianfootball.com
Doug-Nicholls - by Michael Riley (Note Nicholls never played for Echuca)
Jack Riordan - Shepparton Advertiser (Vic. : 1914 - 1953), , p. 16

Echuca Football Club - It’s History, Past and Present - By T.A. Brown (Reprinted from Riverine Herald 1926)

Incomplete/Not Released

1915 - 1923 - The Goulburn Valley League 

The War Years

1924 - 1934 - The Bendigo League


1935 - 1943 - Without a Team

Local League

1944 - 1949 - Patriotic and Local Leagues - Echuca 5

End of the Local League

1949 - 1974 - Return to the Bendigo League


1975 - Return to the Goulburn Valley League


Social Clubs, Fund Raising and Charity


Honour Board


Todo List

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