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1950 Argus Badges
1950 Argus Badges

Founded in 1883, and based in Melbourne's inner west, Footscray competed first as a junior club in the VFA and then in the VFA Senior competition between 1896 and 1924. Footscray won 9 VFA premierships in 39 seasons.

During the 1920s Footscray made a number of attempts to join the VFL. In 1924 a charity match was played between VFA premiers Footscray and VFL premiers Essendon for the unofficial 'Championship of Victoria', which Footscray won by 28 points.

Footscray joined the VFL (AFL) in 1925, along with North Melbourne and Hawthorn.

Of the new teams, Footscray was the first to reach a VFL final, in 1938. Footscray were unable to win a finals game until 1953. In 1954 they went all the way, and won the VFL Premiership.

During the 1990's Footscray rebranded to become the 'Western Bulldogs'

Team Name and Jumpers

Cgwil003 012 Footscray - Source: Australian Rules Football Cards
Cgwil003 012 Footscray - Source: Australian Rules Football Cards

Known as the 'Prince Imperials' from 1880–1882
Nicknamed 'The Tricolours' before becoming the 'Bulldogs'

Competed as 'Footscray Football Club' until 1996
1996- Competed as ' Western Bulldogs'

1925- 1934 Blue shirt, Red Collar. Two bands with a small gap between them, Red above white
1935- Distinctive Blue shirt with Vertical Stripes. Unfortunately destroyed by drycleaner at end of season
1936-1937 - Same as 1925-34 but stripes further up the jumper
1938 - Bands joined together
1939-1943 - Same as 1936-1937
1944-1945 - Darker Blue on Jumpers, Bands Not together
1946-1950 - Same as 1925-1934 with Blue Neck
1951 - Bands joined together with Blue Neck
1952-1969 - Same as 1946-1950
See http://www.footyjumpers.com/

Team Photos

Photos by Charles Boyles

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Footscray Team Photos

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1933 Giant League and Association Colours

Reference_ Footscray Captains
Reference_ Footscray Coaches
Reference_ Footscray Best and Fairest
Reference_ Footscray Leading Goal Kicker
Reference_ Footscray Team of the Century
Reference_ VFL Premiers vs VFA Premiers 1924
Reference_ 1954 VFL Grand Final

Results during Charles Boyles Work Period 1925-63

For more extensive results (and source data for this table), see

Home Grounds

Western Oval (Footscray) -1940, 1943-1995
Yarraville Oval (Yarraville) 1941-42
Princes Park (Carlton) 1997-99

Interesting News Stories

1924 Championship of Victoria (Footscray d. Essendon)
FOOTBALL. (1924, October 6). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956), p. 7. Retrieved November 6, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article2045552

Footscray's first defeat of Collingwood, 1933
Another "Football Flashback" RED LETTER DAY FOR THE BULLDOGS. (1950, August 5). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956), p. 14 Supplement: The Argus Week-End Magazine. Retrieved October 8, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article22907090

1954 VFL Grand Final: Footscray vs. Melbourne

Wikipedia - Footscray Football Club
AFL Tables - Footscray Western Bulldogs

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