North Melbourne Seconds 1947 v1 (SLV 122_049)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/49

Team: North Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Arden Street (North Melbourne)
Date: 1947

Jock McCorkell - back row, fourth player from right
John Reeves - back row, extreme right
Possibly Pat Kelly - middle row, third player from left
Probably Ted Morcom - middle row, fourth player from left
Gerald Marchesi - middle row, second from right
Vic Lawrence - Front row, extreme right


This is North Melbourne’s (VFL) 1947 Seconds team photographed at Arden Street, probably early 1947. North Seconds actually went on to win the premiership that year.

Recognised with certainty are Jock McCorkell (fourth player from right in back row), John Reeves (extreme right back row), Gerald Marchesi (second from right in middle row), and Vic Lawrence (extreme right bottom row). Marchesi, who played his first senior game in 1947, later captained North seniors. Full-back McCorkell tussled famously with John Coleman. The fourth player from left in middle row is probably captain Ted Morcom. The third player from left in middle row could be Pat Kelly.

This is the very same group (and session) as seen in 122_172 - North Melbourne Seconds 1947 v2. The two gentlemen in the grandstand have moved to a slightly different position. They are the only spectators. These two photos of North’s Seconds 1947 team.

These two seconds photos were taken on the same day (and presumably the same session) and in the same place (witness same two gents on the stairs of the grandstand) as two photos of North’s Thirds 1946 premiership team 122_173 - North Melbourne Thirds 1946 v1 and 122_067 - North Melbourne Thirds 1946 v2.

Some players (for example Vic Lawrence and John Reeves) appear in both the Seconds and Thirds groups. The player third from right in middle row of Seconds team (uncannily resembling Reg Ryan but too young to be him) is in front row of Thirds team, and the player holding ball in front row of Seconds team is in front row of Thirds team. The explanation for this is probably that some of the 1946 Thirds players (Lawrence and Reeves etc) graduated to the 1947 North Seconds team early in the 1947 season, and that both groups were photographed on the same day early in the 1947 season.

At least two players (McCorkell and Lawrence) in the Seconds photo were not members of the 1947 Grand Final side. At least one player (e.g Reg Ryan) in the 1947 Grand Final side is not in the photo.

In the 1947 Seconds Grand Final, Ryan was at full-back, Marchesi on a half-back flank, Kelly on the wing, and Reeves a reserve. Wally Carter coached both the Seconds and Thirds for North in 1947. See Gerald Dowling, The North Story, p. 102. Nineteen players and four trainers. Players have white shorts. Oddly, three of the players have dark socks rather than blue and white hoops. Deserted grandstand except for two gentlemen on stairs.

Further Work Needed

The Seconds and Thirds Photos are on the same day and the ball in the Thirds photos has 1946 premiers written on it. The photo is probably taken after the completion of the 1946 season, or early 1947. Either way we need to be consistent and all photos (Seconds and thirds) should be marked with the same date. As 1946 is on the ball, I would argue for 1946.

Players wearing white shorts at Arden Street.

Possibly Kevin Hunt front row, 3rd from right (Named by Big Footy member, no photo to compare to)

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

122_049 - North Melbourne Seconds 1947 v1 - This image
122_172 - North Melbourne Seconds 1947 v2

122_173 - North Melbourne Thirds 1946 v1
122_067 - North Melbourne Thirds 1946 v2

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