North Melbourne Senior Team 1935 (SLV 122_178)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/178

Team: North Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Arden Street (North Melbourne)
Date: 1935

Probably George Jerram top row, third from right
Tom Fitzmaurice Middle Row, fourth player from left
Johnny Lewis (top row, fourth from left)
Neville Huggins (top row, fifth from left)
Johnny Gregory (middle row, third player from right)
Wally Carter Extreme right in the front row


This is the North Melbourne (VFL) First Eighteen of 1935 (or, less likely,1934) photographed at Arden Street. Captain-coach Tom Fitzmaurice is at centre in middle row (fourth player from left). Fitzmaurice, who had earlier starred at Essendon and Geelong, played for North 1932-35. He took over as captain-coach in the course of the 1934 season and occupied the role through 1935. Also easily recognisable are Johnny Lewis (fourth from left in top row), Neville Huggins (fifth from left in top row), Johnny Gregory (third player from right in middle row). The player crouching at extreme right in the front row is probably Wally Carter. Carter was to become the first coach to lead North to a Grand Final (1950). North Melbourne in the early thirties struggled on and off the field, at one stage losing thirty-five consecutive matches. The club went back to wearing blue and white vertical stripes in 1933. Two officials not recognised.
Note Arthur Calwell was President of North Melbourne Football Club, 1929-1934. Players wearing black shorts.

Further Work Needed

George Jerram is identified in a 1932 photo (Far left in set below), he is probably also in this photo, top row, third from right
Jerram played for Geelong 1926-29 and North Melbourne 1930-32 and 34-35

Charlie Gaudion is possibly top Row, far left.

The year is unlikely to be 1935, as Fitzmaurice and Gregory played few matches that season and in those matches, Jack Wrout played, and Wrout is not seen in this photo


A more probable Match would be 193. THere are a number of rounds in the middle of the season that are possibilities.

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