Port Melbourne Senior Team 1932 (SLV 122_204)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/204

Team: Port Melbourne (VFA)
Location: Unknown
Date: 1932

Back row - Joe Garbutt, Eric Leggo, Unknown, Ted Hyde, Unknown, Charlie Stanbridge, possibly Ernie Perrett, Unknown
Middle row - Unknown, possibly Bill Kuhlken, Unknown, Harry Crompton (captain), Stan Plumridge, Henry ‘Basher’ Barnes, Unknown
Front row - possibly Ernie Perrett, Unknown, Unknown


Port Melbourne’s VFA senior team of 1932. The team includes two winners of the VFA’s prestigious Recorder Cup - ruckman Charles Stanbridge (for Williamstown, 1933) and centre-half-back Ted Hyde (1930).

Note the variation in the players' jumpers. Some of them have red collars, others have blue. Some have blue sleeves, others have red. Some have red stripes down their front, others have blue. Port finished fifth in 1932.

Further Work Needed

Coach Percy Wilson should be found in this photo.

Bill Kuhlken played 1927-30 - 35 Games. Maybe the photo is earlier than 1932

Tommy Lahiff played many games in the 1932 season but he is not in the photo.

Front row, third left - possibly Ern Hart, a Northcote player in the thirties.

Back row, fifth from left (to right of Ted Hyde) - very probably Jack Buckley
Jack Buckley
Jack Buckley

A Jack Buckley played for Port Melbourne in 1932, and the face here matches Jack Buckley in a 1929 Fitzroy (VFL) team photo.
A similar-looking Jack Buckley was Fitzroy (VFL) Secretary in 1952.

Player front row far left resembles L. Keating from 1933 Hoadleys football card.

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Team List
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