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1950 Argus Badge
1950 Argus Badge

Prahran is an affluent inner eastern suburb of Melbourne, with a shopping area centred around Chapel Street. The football club's home ground Toorak Park in the adjacent suburb of Armadale.

The Prahran football team played in the VFA from1886-7 and from 1899 until 1994. Prahran was a consistent finalist during the 1930's and the club won its first VFA premiership in 1937.

From 1945 to 1960 Prahran's reached the final four on three occasions and gained a second VFA premiership in 1951. In 1961, Prahran was one of five of the 1930's VFA teams to move into the newly formed second division.

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Cgwil003 020 Prahran - Source: Australian Rules Football Cards
Cgwil003 020 Prahran - Source: Australian Rules Football Cards

The Two Blues

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1933 Giant League and Association Colours
1933 Giant League and Association Colours

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Toorak Park (Armadale

Results during Charles Boyles Work Period 1925-63

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