Preston Senior Team 1939 (BrM)

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Preston Senior Team 1939 - Source:Brian Membrey
Preston Senior Team 1939 - Source:Brian Membrey

Team: Preston (VFA)
Location: Toorak Park, Armadale
Date: c1939

Back Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Arthur Sleith, Unknown
Middle Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Alby Morrison (c), Unknown, Unknown
Front Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Frank Dowling, Unknown, Unknown


The photo was taken in front of Prahran's distinctive Grandstand. Note the mud on the players,obviously taken at half-time or post match rather than before the game.

In 1939 the VFA were resurgent, heavily recruiting from the VFL and with different rules, the most distinctive being the rugby style throw-pass which sped up the game. Preston's captain Alby Morrison had a long VFL career with Footscray and Prahran's captain Bill Faul, a long career with South Melbourne.

In 1939, Preston finished 8th of 12 teams and Prahran ended the home and away season on top of the ladder, but was defeated in the Preliminary Final by eventual premier's Williamstown.

Further Work Needed

Assuming that the year is correct, then this must be taken on Jul 8, 1939 when Prahran played Preston.

Bill Lowenthal should be in the photo.

Friday Team List - Argus 7Jul1939 p12
Friday Team List - Argus 7Jul1939 p12

Argus 10Jul1939 p15
Argus 10Jul1939 p15

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NSM 1986.1170.1262
NSM M10646.2

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