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International Cricketers and Interstate Footballers

Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Freeman, Eric Port Adelaide (SANFL) 1964–1970s Test cricket 1967/68–1969/70 Y Y
Hawke, Neil Port Adelaide (SANFL), East Perth, West Torrens 1956–1966 Test cricket 1962/63–1968 Y Y
Hill, Clem South Adelaide 1890s–1900s Test cricket 1894/95–1902/03 Y Y
Jones, Ernie South Adelaide, North Adelaide, Port Adelaide (SANFL) 1890s–1901 Test cricket 1892/93–1907/08 Y Y
Lee, Phil Norwood 1920s Test cricket 1931/32–1932/33 Y Y
Reedman, John South Adelaide, North Adelaide 1889–1909 Test cricket 1894 Y Y
Richardson, Vic Sturt 1915–1927 Test cricket 1924/25–1935/36 Y Y
Slater, Keith Swan Districts, Subiaco 1955–1963 Test cricket 1958/59 Y Y

Pre WW1

Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Bateman, Bill Fremantle, Unions (later Fremantle) 1880s and 1890s Western Australia 1892/93
Chamberlain, Cornelius Norwood 1900s South Australia 1905/06–1910/11
Chamberlain, Jack Norwood 1908–1909, 1914 South Australia 1906/07 Y
Chamberlain, Leonard Norwood 1907–1914 South Australia 1907/08–1913/14
Claxton, Norman North Adelaide 1900s South Australia 1898/99–1909/10 Y
Duffy, Bill Rovers, West Perth 1880s and 1890s Western Australia 1892/93
Edmondson, Henry Perth 1902–1907 Western Australia 1905/06–1912/13
Everett, Jim West Perth 1901–1915 Western Australia 1909/10 Y
Giffen, George Norwood 1870s and 1880s Test cricket 1881/82–1896 Y
Green, Alby Norwood 1890s South Australia 1894/95–1898/99
Gurr, Gordon Sturt 1902–1907 South Australia 1905/06
Hill, Les Norwood 1900s South Australia 1905/06–1910/11
Hussey, Percival Rovers 1880s and 1890s Western Australia 1892/93
Kelly, Harvey East Fremantle, South Fremantle 1903–1906 Western Australia 1905/06 Y
Kelly, Otto East Fremantle, South Fremantle 1903–1907 Western Australia 1906/07–1907/08
Matthews, James North Adelaide 1900–1913 South Australia 1900/01–1901/02 Y
Moffatt, Alfred Victorians (later Metropolitans and West Perth) 1880s and 1890s Western Australia 1892/93
Newland, Phil Norwood 1890s, 1900s South Australia 1899/00–1905/06
Townsend, Richard Norwood 1904–1920 South Australia 1907/08–1923/24 Y
Travers, Joe Norwood 1890s Test cricket 1901/02 Y
Waldron, Alfred Norwood 1879–1892 South Australia 1881/82–1887/88 Y
Waye, Libby West Torrens, South Adelaide 1907–1914 South Australia 1912/13


Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Carlson, Victor East Fremantle 1914–1923 Western Australia 1922/23–1925/26
Ditchburn, Jim Subiaco, South Fremantle, Swan Districts 1929–1939 Western Australia 1933/34–1935/36 Y
Doig, Sr., Ron South Fremantle 1927–1932 Western Australia 1926/27–1931/32 Y
Evans, Allan Perth 1917–1929 Western Australia 1921/22–1931/32 Y
Harrold, Bert East Perth 1916–25, 1932 Western Australia 1925/26 Y
Heinrichs, Dolph East Fremantle, North Fremantle 1899–1906 Western Australia 1922/23 Y
Jarvis, Carlisle East Fremantle 1920s, 1930s Western Australia 1932/33 Y
Johnson, Eric Norwood 1925–1934 South Australia 1926/27–1929/30 Y
Leak, Bill Sturt 1930s, 1940s South Australia 1935/35–1940/41 Y
Lovelock, Ossie West Perth 1932–34 Western Australia 1932/33–1939/40
O'Connor, Brian South Brisbane 1930s Queensland 1934/35–1935/36 Y
Pickett, Ted City (Launceston) 1928-38 Tasmania 1928/29–1935/36
Ryan, Alfred South Adelaide 1922–1931 South Australia 1925/26–1936/37 Y
Schultz, Bruce Norwood 1933–1941 South Australia 1936/37 Y
Truscott, William East Fremantle 1910s, 1920s Western Australia 1929/30 Y
Waite, Mervyn West Torrens, Glenelg 1930s Test cricket 1938 Y
Watt, Donald Coorparoo, South Brisbane 1940s Queensland 1939/40–1945/46 Y

Note - Raymond Gatton Friend played interstate football for N.S.W. in 1922 and played cricket for Tasmania in 1926-1927.

Post War

Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Archer, Ron Yeronga c1952 Test cricket 1953/54-56/57 Y
Brayshaw, Ian Claremont 1960s Western Australia 1960/61–1977/78
Carrigan, Aub Windsor 1940s Queensland 1945/46–1951/52 Y
Chadwick, Derek East Perth 1959–1972 Western Australia 1963/64–1971/72 Y
Clingly, Mick West Torrens 1950s South Australia 1957/58–1959/60
Cumming, Kenneth Subiaco 1938–1940, 1947 Western Australia 1945/46–1947/48
Dansie, Neil Norwood 1946–1949 South Australia 1949/50–1966/67
Dowding, Alan Sturt 1940s Oxford, Marylebone Cricket Club 1951–1956
Garwood, Rex New Town, New Norfolk 1950–1960 Tasmania 1952/53–1955/56 Y
Halbert, John Sturt 1955–1968 South Australia 1961/62 Y
Head, Lindsay West Torrens 1952–1970 South Australia 1957/58–1958/59 Y
Hoare, Des East Fremantle 1950s Test cricket 1960/91 Y
Lee, Bob West Adelaide 1945–1957 South Australia 1956/57–1959/60
Lill, John Norwood 1950s, 1960s South Australia 1955/56–1965/66
Martin, Geoffrey Launceston 1946-54 Tasmania 1950/51 Y
Munro, John Claremont 1950s Western Australia 1948/49–1954/55 Y
Pegg, Harry South Brisbane, Windsor, Yeronga 1930s, 1940s Queensland 1945/46–1846/47 Y
Preen, Alan East Fremantle 1953–1959 Western Australia 1953/54–1956/57 Y
Price, Harry Claremont 1940s, 1950s Western Australia 1949/50–1955/56 Y
Rigg, Basil Perth 1940s Western Australia 1947/48–1956/57
Sanders, Leyland Coorparoo-Yeronga, Yeronga 1940s, 1950s Queensland 1950/51–1954/55 Y
Smith, Cyril Yeronga 1940s, 1950s Queensland 1947/48–1953/54 Y

Post 1965

Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Bowe, Ron South Fremantle 1959–1963 Western Australia 1967/68–1968/69
Clark, Michael Fremantle, Swan Districts 1996–1999 Western Australia 2000/01– Y
Colegrave, Mark Hobart, Clarence 1990s Tasmania 2000/01
Garnaut, Matt East Perth 1994 Western Australia 1996/97–1997/98
Malone, Mick Subiaco 1970s Test cricket 1977–1981/82 Y
Marsh, Geoff South Fremantle 1978 Test cricket 1985/86–1991/92 Y
McAullay, Ken East Perth Late 1960s–1975 Western Australia 1970/71–1973/74 Y
Mullooly, Tom Swan Districts 1971–1986 Western Australia 1976/77 Y
Nicholls, Paul East Fremantle 1970s Western Australia 1971/72–1978/79
Palfreyman, Brent Sandy Bay 1960s, 1970s Tasmania 1965/66–1972/73
Pyke, James Norwood 1980s South Australia 1985/86–1987/88
Robran, Barrie North Adelaide 1967–1980 South Australia 1971/72 Y
Simunsen, Bob Woodville 1964–1971 South Australia 1972/73 Y
Wood, Graeme East Fremantle 1975–1977 Test cricket 1977/78–1988/89 Y
Zoehrer, Tim East Fremantle 1982 Test cricket, One Day International 1985/86–1993/94 Y


Also see Reference_ First Class Cricketers who played Victorian Football


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