Reference_ First Class Cricketers who played Victorian Football

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Many football player have played district cricket. But few people have risen to the next level. This page lists all known players who have played State Level or International cricket and have either played in the VFL or the VFA.

Notes on Source Data

The list that appears here based on a wikipedia page. This page includes many cricketers outside of Victoria who played first grade football that are not listed on this page, please see the wikipedia article for those details.

Unfortunately VFA records are excluded are excluded from the wikipedia article, some of the most obvious ommissions have been rectified here. The VFA records are incomplete.

Original Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Australian_rules_footballers_and_cricketers
Thanks to Bill Liddy for additional names, especially those in the pre VFL era.

Carlton Cricket Club - V.C.A. Premiers 1947-48 - including Jim Baird and Herb Turner , two Carlton VFL players who played Interstate Cricket - Photo by Charles Boyles, From State Library of Victoria Photographic Collection
Carlton Cricket Club - V.C.A. Premiers 1947-48 - including Jim Baird and Herb Turner , two Carlton VFL players who played Interstate Cricket - Photo by Charles Boyles, From State Library of Victoria Photographic Collection

See Carlton Cricket Club - V.C.A. Premiers 1947-48s (SLV 122_269) for player location and other photo details.

Pre VFL Era

Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Allan, Frank South Melbourne (Pre VFA) 1860s–1870s Test cricket 1879 Y Unk
Barrett, John Edward South Melbourne (VFA) 1880s-90s Test Cricket 1890
Burton, Frederick Fitzroy (VFA) c1886 Test Cricket 1886/87-1887/88 Y Unk
Coulthard, George Carlton (VFA) 1876 – 1882 Test Cricket 1881/82 Y Y
McShane, Patrick Fitzroy (VFA) 1880s Test cricket 1884/85 Y
Palmer, George South Melbourne (VFA) Unk Test Cricket 1880-1886 Y Unk
Wills, Tom Melbourne, Geelong 1850s–1870s Kent, Victoria 1854–1875/76
Worrall, Jack Fitzroy (VFA) 1883–1893 Test cricket 1884/85–1899 Y

1897-Pre WW1

Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Allen, Bill Melbourne 1910–1923 Victoria 1914/15
Armstrong, Warwick South Melbourne 1898–1900 Test cricket 1901/02–1921 Y
Baker, Charles St Kilda 1902–1906 Victoria 1903/04–1904/05 Y
Baring, Fred Essendon 1910–1924 Victoria 1911/12–1928/29 Y
Campbell, Colin Essendon 1897–1899 Tasmania 1896/97
Carkeek, William 'Barlow' Essendon 1903–1905 Test cricket 1912 Y
Ellis, Reg St Kilda, Melbourne 1913–1915, 1920 Victoria 1927/28–1929/30
Fry, Herbert Melbourne 1897–1898 Victoria 1896/97–1907/08
Good, Norman Melbourne University 1909 Western Australia 1909/10
Graham, Harry Melbourne 1900 Test cricket 1893–1896 Y
Hartkopf, Albert Melbourne University 1908–1914 Test cricket 1924/25 Y
Howson, Herb South Melbourne 1897–1908 Victoria 1902/03
Kiernan, Chris Fitzroy 1897–1901, 1903, 1911 Victoria 1909/10–1918/19 Y
Lugton, Frank Melbourne 1913–1914 Victoria 1913/14
Matthews, Jimmy St Kilda 1907 Test cricket 1911/12–1912 Y
McDonald, Ted Essendon, Fitzroy 1912–1919 Test cricket 1920/21–1921/22 Y
McKenzie, Stanley Carlton 1914 Tasmania 1909/10–1912/13 Y
McMichael, Samuel Fitzroy 1897 Victoria 1891/92–1903/04
Moysey, George Melbourne, Perth, Subiaco 1890s–1900s Western Australia 1970/71–1973/74 Y
O'Connor, Leo Essendon 1910–1911 Queensland 1912/13–1929/30 Y
Onyons, Basil Melbourne 1905–1908 Victoria 1918/19–1928/29
Park, Roy University, Melbourne 1912–1915 Test cricket 1920/21 Y
Rainey, Leslie Essendon, Melbourne 1899–1903 Victoria 1902/03–1904/05
Robinson, Alex Essendon 1904 Western Australia 1907/08 Y
Salvana, Charles Melbourne 1919 Victoria 1926/27
Schrader, Heinrich Melbourne University 1914 Victoria 1929/30–1930/31
Sewart, Bill Essendon 1905–1915 Queensland, Victoria 1908–1919 Y
Shea, Paddy Fitzroy, Essendon 1904, 1908–1915, 1918 Victoria 1912/13–1919/20 Y
Sheppard, Benjamin Melbourne, Richmond 1911–1912 Victoria 1913/14
Smith, David Essendon 1903–1914 Test cricket 1912 Y Y
Stuckey, George Essendon 1897–1902 Victoria 1894/95–1902/03 Y
Vautin, George Essendon, City (Hobart) 1897–1898 Tasmania, Victoria 1894/95–1889/90 Y
Willis, Carl Melbourne University, South Melbourne 1912-15, 1920-21 Victoria 1913/14–1928/29
Wilson, Charlie St Kilda 1897, 1900 Victoria, Otago, Wellington 1894/95–1919/20

Note - Fred Baring was chosenfor the 1914 tour of South Africa but this was cancelled due to WW1


Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Andrew-Street, Alfred Collingwood 1933–1934 Victoria 1937/38
Atkinson, Jim Fitzroy 1917–1925 Victoria, Tasmania 1921/22–1933/34 Y
Barnes, Jack South Melbourne 1925–1929 Victoria 1929/30
Beames, Percy Melbourne 1931–1944 Victoria 1933/34–1945/46 Y
Bird, Tommy Collingwood 1925, 1928 Victoria 1928/29
Buttsworth, Wally Essendon, West Perth 1935–late 1940s Western Australia 1937/38 Y
Cahill, Bill Essendon 1937–1938 Tasmania 1931/32
Chapman, Fred Fitzroy, Coburg 1920–1921 Victoria 1928/29–1930/31
Cordner, Larry Hawthorn 1933 Victoria, Warwickshire 1930/31–1933/34
Cosgrave, Bryan Fitzroy 1924 Victoria 1925/26–1931/32
Davie, Bert Geelong 1917–1919 Tasmania 1921/22–1926/27
Dudley, Walter Fitzroy 1940 Victoria 1940/41
Fothergill, Des Collingwood, Williamstown 1937–1940, 1945–1947 Victoria 1938/39–1948/49 Y
Francis, John Hawthorn 1926 Victoria 1932/33
Garnder,Roy Brunswick1 c1937-1940 Victoria 1935-1936
Goodrick, Garney Carlton 1923–1925 Tasmania 1922/23 Y
Guthrie, Herbert St Kilda 1925 Victoria 1928/29–1929/30
King, Stuart St Kilda 1931–1933 Victoria 1926/27–1932/33
Kinnear, Bill Essendon 1936 Victoria 1935/36
Kinnear, Joe Melbourne 1932–1937 Victoria 1931/32
Leather, Tom North Melbourne 1932–1933 Victoria 1933/34–1936/37
Lee, Ian South Melbourne, Coburg 1934, 1941 Victoria 1931/32–1940/41
Lowry, Jack St Kilda 1938–1946 Victoria 1937/38
Millar, Keith Richmond 1924–1927, 1930 Victoria 1924/25–1932/33 Y
Mitchell, Norm St Kilda 1925 Victoria 1925/26–1926/27
Nash, Laurie South Melbourne, Camberwell 1930–1945 Tasmania, Victoria, Test cricket 1931/32–1936/37 Y Y
Pearsall, Alan South Melbourne 1941 Tasmania 1933/34–1938/39
Plant, Joe Richmond, Coburg 1925 Victoria 1932/33–1936/37
Richardson, Howard Richmond, Melbourne 1915–1919 Victoria 1923/24
Stan Smith b1910 Oakleigh2 c1932 Victoria 1931-1936
Stackpole, Keith Collingwood, Fitzroy 1935–1944 Victoria 1945/46–1949/50
Wilson, Billy Essendon 1932–1933, 1935 Victoria 1935/36
Wood, Barney Melbourne, West Perth 1928–1930s Western Australia 1931/32
Wootton, Stan South Melbourne, Richmond 1915, 1920–1923 Victoria 1923/24

Post War

Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Allanson, Noel Essendon 1947–1951 Victoria 1956/57
Anderson, Dale Melbourne 1953–1954 Tasmania 1952/53–1963/4
Austen, Cecil Hawthorn 1942 South Australia 1945/46
Aylett, Allen North Melbourne 1952–1964 Victoria 1957/58–1958/59 Y
Baird, Jim Carlton 1941–1951 Victoria 1948/49–1949/50
Baldock, Darrel St Kilda 1962–1968 Tasmania 1960/61 Y
Buttsworth, Fred Essendon, West Perth 1942–1953 Western Australia 1947/48–1949/50 Y
Byfield, Arnold Melbourne, Claremont 1940–1947 Western Australia 1952/53–1953/54
Clay, Ivor Fitzroy 1941–1946 Tasmania 1949/50–1950/51
Considine, Bernie Hawthorn 1952–1953 Tasmania, Victoria 1949/50–1954/55
Cordner, John Melbourne 1951 Victoria 1951–1952
Crompton, Neil Melbourne 1957–1966 Victoria 1957–62
Dowsley, Harcourt Carlton 1941 Victoria 1937/38–1946/47
Fitchett, Michael Hawthorn 1950–1952 Victoria 1950/51–1952/53
Lambert, Harry Collingwood 1941–1947 Victoria, Commonwealth XI 1946/47–1953/54
Langley, Gil Sturt, Essendon 1939–1950 Test cricket 1951/52–1956/57 Y Y
Law, Ian Hawthorn 1960–1968 Victoria 1961/62–1963/64 Y
Loxton, Sam St Kilda 1942–1946 Test cricket 1947/48–1950/51 Y
Maddocks, Dick North Melbourne 1948 Victoria 1948/49–1956/57
McIntyre, Ern St Kilda, Collingwood 1940–1949 Victoria 1946/47 Y
McLean, Bob Port Adelaide (SANFL), St Kilda 1940s South Australia 1945/46–1950/51 Y
Miller, Keith Brighton, St Kilda, NSW 1939–1946 Test cricket 1945/46–1956/57 Y Y
Murray, Bruce South Melbourne 1951–1954 Victoria 1957/58
O'Brien, Jock North Melbourne, Ulverstone NTFL 1959–1961 Tasmania 1963 Y Unk
Rawle, Keith Essendon 1942–1949 Victoria 1948/49
Shillinglaw, Harold Fitzroy 1945–1951 Victoria 1949/50–1953/54
Stokes, Ray Richmond 1946–1951 Tasmania 1952/53–1965/66 Y
Tribe, George Footscray 1940–1946 Test cricket 1946/47 Y
Turner, Herb Carlton, Hawthorn 1944–1950 Victoria 1948/49–1950/51
Watson, Graeme Melbourne 1964–1965 Test cricket, ODI 1966/67–1972 Y

Post 1965

Name Football Team(s) Football Career Cricket Level CricketCareer Int Cricket Int Football
Walker, Max Melbourne 1967–1972 Test cricket 1972/73–1980/81 Y
Siddons, Jamie Sydney Swans 1984 ODI 1988/89 Y
O'Donnell, Simon St Kilda 1982–1983 Test cricket, ODI 1984/85–1991/92 Y
Bedford, Peter South Melbourne, Carlton, Port Melbourne 1968–1978 Victoria 1966/67–1972/73 Y
Duperouzel, Bruce Claremont, St Kilda 1969–1984 Western Australia 1971/72–1972/73 Y
Young, George St Kilda, Subiaco 1973–1978 Western Australia 1972/73 Y
Spalding, Earl Perth, Melbourne, Carlton, East Fremantle 1983–1999 Western Australia 1984/85 Y
Bradley, Craig Port Adelaide (SANFL), Carlton 1986–2002 South Australia, Victoria 1983/84–1989/90 Y
Breman, Todd Subiaco, Richmond, West Coast Eagles 1987–1993 Western Australia 1985/86–1987/88 Y
Joslin, Les Yarraville Test cricket 1969 Y
Laughlin, Trevor Mordialloc Test cricket, ODI 1970s Y
Hogg, Rodney Northcote Test cricket, ODI 1970s-80s Y
Hughes, Merv Werribee Test cricket, ODI 1980s-90s Y
Biffin, Ray Melbourne 1968–1979 Tasmania 1967/68
Cook, Russell South Melbourne 1966–1975 Victoria 1968/69
Scholes, John North Melbourne, Sandringham, Coburg 1967–1971 Victoria 1968/69–1981/82
Campbell, Blair Richmond, Melbourne 1966, 1968–1969 Tasmania, Victoria 1969/70–1979/80
Stillman, Les Essendon, Footscray, Williamstown 1968–1971 Victoria, South Australia 1970–1978
Hone, David Melbourne 1969 Oxford University 1970
McArdle, Brendan Northcote Victoria, Staffordshire 1970s-80s
Gott, Doug Collingwood 1969–1977 Victoria 1973–1974
Wilkinson, Jim South Melbourne 1970–1972 Tasmania 1973/74–1974/75
Rose, Robert Collingwood, Footscray 1970–1973 Victoria 1971/72–1973/74
Stephens, John Sandringham, St Kilda 1969–1973 Victoria 1970/71–1971/72
Douglas, John North Melbourne 1972, 1975–1976 Victoria 1975/76–1978/79
Frei, Harry Footscray 1973 Queensland 1982–1986
Cowmeadow, Garry South Melbourne 1975 Tasmania 1976/77–1978/79
Shepherd, David St Kilda 1976–1977 Victoria 1982/83
Parker, Geoff Essendon 1987, 1989 South Australia, Victoria 1985/86–1998/99
Jewell, Nick Richmond 1997 Victoria 2001/02–2006/07

Outside Victoria

See Reference_ First Class Cricketers who played Football Outside Victoria



1. Roy Gardner Cricket Coach. (1938, June 22). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 22. Retrieved February 10, 2015, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article11165199
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