Richmond Seconds 1946c (SLV 122_150)

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/150

Team: Richmond (VFL)
Date: Probably 1947

Roy Wright (fourth player from right in top row, first senior game 1946),
Charlie Priestley (third player from left in middle row, 109 senior games, 1938-47),
Des Rowe (third player from right in middle row, first senior game 1946),
Wally Russell (extreme right of top row, 33 senior games, 1942-43, 1945-48),
Ron Evans (extreme right of front row, 26 senior games, 1946, 1948-49),
Ken Albiston (extreme left of front row, 58 senior games, 1946-51).
Captain-coach Alby Pannam is the fifth person from the left in the middle row.


This is Richmond’s (VFL) Seconds team, either 1946 or 1947 but most likely early 1947. Photographed at Brunswick Street Oval (Fitzroy).

Pannam, a former champion Collingwood rover and relative of Lou Richards, coached Richmond Seconds for two seasons (1946-47) and later was appointed Richmond’s senior coach (replacing Jack Dyer) 1953-55. Rowe, very young here, played 175 senior games (1946-57) and captained and coached the club. Roy Wright, very green-looking here, played 195 senior games (1946-59) and twice won the Brownlow Medal. Richmond won the VFL Seconds premiership in 1946 (and were runners-up in both 1947 and 1948). My educated guess is that this group is the 1946 premiership team photographed after their success. This most probably would have been done early the following year (1947) however (perhaps accompanying the unfurling of the premiership flag). A substantial number of the players in this photo were members of the 1946 Grand Final team - Charlie Priestley, Des Rowe, Wally Russell, Ron Evans, Ken Albiston. 1946 Premiership players who are not in the photo are Wally Cook, Keith Cook, Ray Poulter, Kevin Barnewall. See Hogan,Tigers Of Old, p. 312. White shorts. Emulsion damage but no-one obscured. Only a few spectators in grandstand and on terrace.

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Wikipedia reports that Jack Titus played some games for Richmond Seconds in 1947.

Back Row, far left, in coat, is probably one of the Cook twins

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