Richmond Senior Team 1944 (Tigerland)

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Richmond Senior Team - Source: Tigerland
Richmond Senior Team - Source: Tigerland

Team: Richmond (VFL)
Location: Victoria Park (Abbotsford)
Date: 1944

Back Row: George Smeaton, Les Jones, Brian Randall, Bill Morris, Bob Bawden, Leo Maguire, Bill Perkins, Bernie Waldron
Middle Row: Fred Cook, Arthur Mooney, Charlie Priestley, Bert Edwards, Jack Dyer, Dick Harris, Fred Burge, Keith Cook
Front Row: Max Oppy, Leo Merrett, Jack Broadstock


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Broadstock (8 games) and Jones (3 games) only played one match together in 1944. All other players are accurate for that match

Round: 18 Venue: Victoria Park Date: Sat, 2-Sep-1944 2:45 PM Attendance: 14000
Collingwood 0.4.4 7.7.49 8.7.55 10.8.68
Richmond 4.2.26 6.4.40 13.10.88 15.18.108
RI by 22 CW by 9 RI by 33 RI by 40

Richmond won the game to end the 1944 Home and Away season on top of the ladder by percentage over Fitzroy. Fitzroy would go on to defeat Richmond in the 1944 Grand Final.

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