Richmond Senior Team 1945 (PR01-11)

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Team: Richmond (VFL)
Location: Punt Road oval, East Melbourne
Date: 1945

Back Row: Bill Morris, Arthur Kemp, Bob Bawden, Bob Wiggins, Leo Maguire, Kevin Curran, Ian Hull
Middle Row: Charlie Priestley, Bernie Waldron, probably Keith Cook, Jack Dyer, Fred Burge, probably Fred Cook, Don Fraser, probably Ray Bower
Front Row: Leo Merrett, Bill Wilson, Arthur Mooney, Max Oppy


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Ian Hull finished his Senior career in 1945 and Don Fraser began his in the same year. The presence of these two players means that this photo was taken in 1945.

Bill Perkins is not in the photo. In 1945 Bill Perkins only missed 2 home and away games, and only one home game. This photo is probably taken at that game. All players identified played in this game (Round 3).

Round: 3 Venue: Punt Rd Date: Sat, 05-May-1945
Richmond 13 11 (89)
South Melbourne 15 19 (109)

The Cook brothers Fred and Keith were identical twins. Fred played 81 games for the Tigers from 1944-49, and Keith played 26 games from 44-46.

The final score does not reflect the fact that it was close for much of the game. South Melbourne led by one point at the end of the first quarter. South then extended their lead to 13 points at half time. Richmond returned to lead by a point at three quarter time, but a six goal to three goal final quarter pushed South to a 20 point lead at the end of the game.


Arthur Barr-Kemp, Bob Wiggins, Kevin Curran, Bernie Waldron,Ray Bower and sorting out of the Cook twins completed by James Taylor. Note that Ray Bower identification is by elimination of all other players and has not been cross checked against a photo, due to the absence of of a photo.

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