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1950 Argus Badge
1950 Argus Badge

Sandringham is a beach suburb about 16km south east of Melbourne's CBD, past StKilda and Brighton. Sandringham was admitted to the VFA in 1929 as a new combined team from the Sandringham district. Sandringham's fortunes were not at their highest in those early years and the club found its way to four wooden spoons before the Second World War with a highest placing of 5th in 1935.

1946 saw a dramatic turnaround in fortunes and the Zebra's won their first premiership with a seven point win against Camberwell in the Grand Final. This was a period of up and down fortunes for the club with finals appearances intermingled with periods at the bottom of the ladder.

From 1959, the club had five straight years in the finals and another premiership in 1962.with a one point win over Moorabbin.

Further premierships have come more recently. First in 1985 and then in the turbulent from the 1990's the Zebras have had an extended run with premierships in 1992, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2006.

Team Name and Jumpers

Sandringham was formed in 1929 as an amalgamation of local teams. It did not exist as a separate club before joining the VFA in 1929.

Sandringham has been known as the Zebras since 1934.

The Club colours of Gold, Black and Blue were taken from the three local sides - Gold from Sandringham Amateurs, Black from Black Rock and Blue from Hampton Amateurs. - Zebras History - http://www.sandringhamfc.com.au/club-history.aspx?pid=11

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Sandringham 1946 - Roar of the Crowd VFA Grand Finals Marc Fiddian 1987 - Photographer Unknown
Sandringham 1946 - Roar of the Crowd VFA Grand Finals Marc Fiddian 1987 - Photographer Unknown
Sandringham 1962 Australianfootball.com Thumb
Sandringham 1962 Australianfootball.com Thumb

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See http://www.sandringhamfc.com.au/club-honour-board.aspx
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1933 Giant League and Association Colours
1933 Giant League and Association Colours

Home Grounds

Beach Oval (Sandringham)

Results during Charles Boyles Work Period 1925-63

For more extensive results (and source data for this table), see


In the 1960 'home and away' season, Sandringham recorded 2133 points for, and only 942 points against, thus reaching the impressive percentage figure of 226.4%. This was one of only three occasions that a VFA team had recorded over 200% in the previous 50 years. The other two over-200 percentages were recorded by North Melbourne (VFA) in the 1918 and 1919 seasons.

Contrast 1960 with 1929. Sandringham's 1929 season was not promising - one win and twenty-one losses.

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1962 VFA 1st Division Grand Final: Sandringham vs. Moorabbin

http://www.sandringhamfc.com.au/ - includes a database of all players and playing periods

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