South Melbourne Senior Team 1930 R10 (SLV 122_092)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/92

Team: South Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Lake Oval {Albert Park}
Date: R10 1930

Top row - Austin Robertson (154 senior games, 1927-37); Ron Hillis (137 senior games, 1929-37), Probably Harry Clarke, Unknown, Unknown, Syd Hogg, Unknown
Middle row - Unknown, Unknown, Probably Hec McKay, Joe Scanlon (captain-coach, 148 senior games, 1923-31), probably Peter Reville, Len Thomas (187 senior games, 1927-38); Bob Pratt (158 senior games, 1930-39, 1946).
Front row - Jack Austin (140 games, 1930-38), Unknown, Unknown, Hugh McLaughlin senior ( 96 games, 1929-34).

Round 10 -1930 players probably in the photo:
  • Bennett, Reg
  • Coutts, Dave
  • Fagan, Dinny
  • Martin, Ron
  • McMahon, Tom
  • Richardson, Jack
  • Shapter, Ron
  • Wheelahan, Danny


A South Melbourne (VFL) Senior Team photographed at the Lake Oval circa 1930 or 1931. The players are wearing the club’s traditional white jumper with a red sash (the origin of the moniker ‘Blood-stained Angels’) which indicates the photo was taken in the very early thirties before the club switched to the white jumper with a red ‘V’.

Two or three years later (1933) South Melbourne swept all before them and won their third VFL premiership. Bob Pratt senior, who kicked an all-time VFL record of 150 goals in 1934, is seated in the middle row with his hands on the shoulders of Hugh McLaughlin senior. Pratt’s first season at South was 1930. Joe Scanlan, South’s captain-coach 1930-31 is at the centre of the photo (balding). For Joe Scanlan, see Jim Main, Honour the Names, p. 219-224.

Further Work Needed

The photo is blurred. Grandstand in background is packed. Black shorts.

Not all sash’s go the same way – odd . 1931 was the last year that the sash was worn

Cecil Pettiona, a regular player from the 1930-31 teams does not appear to be in the photo

Harry Price's identification of Syd Hogg means that this photo must be from Round 10 1930

Peter Reville. Compare three known images of Peter Reville to two of the players in the photo.

Harry Clarke. He is probably back row, third from left

Hec McKay. He is probably middle row, third from left

Compare Team Lists for both options

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

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