Williamstown Senior Team 1932 (SLV 122_208)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/208

Team: Williamstown (VFA)
Location: Williamstown Cricket Ground (Williamstown)
Date: 1932

James "Jim" John Toohey - top row, fifth from the left
Tom Byrne - top row, sixth from the left

Arthur Cutting - middle row, sixth from the left
J.Lonergan - middle row, third from the left

Gordon Hellwig- fifth row, third from the left
Cairo Dixon - front row far right


Given the written title ‘WTN’ on one of the images, one must accept this is a Williamstown (VFA) team, although the players are wearing light jumpers with dark sashes - the opposite to Willy’s traditional strip of a light (yellow) sash on a darker (blue) background. Even allowing for the fact this is 1932 and the nadir of the Depression, it seems odd the sashes seen here are slanted in different directions. Another odd feature is the presence in the back row of three gentlemen in uniform. Presumably two of them are St John’s Ambulance men. Quite possibly a practice match occasion, although the grandstand is quite packed. I am not completely convinced the grandstand is Williamstown’s - although the players are wearing black shorts.

In both photos, the player sixth from the left in the middle row does appear to be Williamstown star Arthur Cutting; the player third from the left in the middle row appears to be J.Lonergan; the tall player sixth from the left in the top row appears to be Tom Byrne.

Intriguingly, the player at extreme right of front row here Cairo Dixon also appears in two other SLV Boyles photos. Dixon is second from right in top row of players in photo of (ca. 1938) Coburg (VFA) team 122_043 - Coburg Senior Team circa 1938-39 and fourth from left in middle row of 122_106 - Probably Kew Sub-Districts Team 1939 - V1.

Williamstown finished eighth in 1932. They were captained by ex-Fitzroy player Gordon Hellwig (fifth player from left in middle row?) and coached (1931-32) by non-playing Jim Toohey (ex-Fitzroy and Prahran).

Further Work Needed

Grandstand does indeed look like current Williamstown grandstand

Cannot find first name for Lonergan. I can find a C."Barney" Lonergan who played for Williamstown in 1930 but not an L. Lonergan as per the 1933 Wills Card. See
FOOTBALL CLUB. (1931, March 21). Williamstown Chronicle (Vic. : 1856 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved August 6, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article69504713

Middle row: fourth player (fifth overall) from left (i.e the tall player to left of captain Gordon Hellwig) is either

Bill McGrath

A. Sykes... Probably Sykes rather than McGrath

One of the men in the back row resembles Jack Bissett, but Bissett was playing with South Melbourne in 1932-36


Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

122_208 - Probably Williamstown 1932 v1 - This image
122_243 - Probably Williamstown 1932 v2

See http://cas.awm.gov.au/photograph/OG3375 for a photo of Gordon Hellwig

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