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This site is dedicated to research, and endeavors to comply with Australian Copyright Law. If any of your images have inadvertantly been used inappropriately, then please contact us and they will be removed immediatelty.

Charles Boyles Photos

Charles Boyles worked mainly prior to 1955 which means that his photographs fall under Australia's old copyright laws which allow copyright restrictions for 50 years. This means that all Boyles work pre 1955 expired prior to the 2005 changes to Australia's Copyright Law.

Note - Copyright for many of Boyles images was transfered to the State Library of Victoria. The State Library has not only made many pre 1955 images available electronically, but have also made their post 1955 Boyles images available.

Other Images

Where possible, the relevant copyright holder will be identified for material post 1955 appearing on this website.

If a photographer takes a photo, they retain the copyright, Rescanning and republishing an old image does not transfer the original copyright on the image to any new copyright holder.

The information on this website is copyrighted and not licenced under Creative Commons licencing.


This site would not be possible without the assistance of a wide group of people. There has been wide community support for this project. Many users have assisted with identification of images, provided access to their private collections or go to the effort to maintain a publicly accessible collection of material.

Efforts of individuals and organisations has been recognised and referenced throughout the site.

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